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  1. There is no such thing as an innocent nlgger. The fact that this thing is being called a “man” is akin to giving tooth plaque gender identity. It just is what it is. The only thing that connects nlggers and humans is carbon and a few strands of DNA. But that does as much for the jigaboo as it does for the common pig, albeit one that walks upright… sort of. Insofar as taking the leap to call it a “man” I would think it more likely that the nlgger and the pig should at least have to flip a coin for the honor.

    Fact is, the theft gene is the most prevalent aspect of your commonday urban ape. It, just like the rest of the logical but surely dwindling people who still have intelligence and common sense, is cognizant that the term innocent can almost never apply to the moon-cricket. By its nature it would have committed a whole host of felonies by the time it turned 14, so to call it innocent would be to call a Florida crocodile a herbivore, just because it was later discovered that it was NOT that particular alligator that ate that dog in that (some) guy’s backyard, but some other predator. Whoopty-do! Regardless, it still belongs caged or dead.

    But of course, as with any shitskin, first thing’s first, lezz mee’z getz paid up in hee-ah! Sheeet! For all you humans, that’s bush-baboon for “I need a job”.

    1. Rob were you rapped by a black man? What’s the deal with you? How can you be a Raven’s fan? In case you are color blind there are black people in the game. You call the guys on your team N8ggers too?

    2. You took the words out of my mouth. It’s true, there is no such thing as an innocent nlgger. That’s an oxymoron.

  2. Yeah, sure. You will get your money dude. Just stand here right to that burning wooden cross next to the tree with the rope for a second…

  3. Blacks civilized Europeans, where the first to do 85% of anything that enlightened any human being, built the greatest structures from the pyramids on all continents to mathematically astute castles and over 75% of these historical cathedrals that Caucasians worship in. And oh yeah I almost forgot the cherry on top……
    We weren’t slaves (Slavic) when we did it neither. We were and those of US who are educated still are the first kings, queens, navigators, and cartographers (map makers) of this world. And for all you racist RHESUS MONKEY gene sharing grammar specialists…..
    How does it feel to know that blacks of all shades, religions, RACES and nationalities are coming together and uniting for one common goal. It’s not to lay so much black pipe on your women that we change the looks of different countries people because we already did that. It’s to reclaim our throne by unsubscribing to the EUGENIC and wet dog smellin European SUPREMACY BULL SH!T! DARE ME TO PROVE IT you gullible melanin deficient pigskins.

  4. Dumb response, if you want to give a comment then stick on topic. You’re comment has nothing to do with the story of this man. You are besides dumb also an complete retard. We are all human. I am white and that’s just cause im born that way. If a guy is black so what? You ignorant fucks also kill dogs or cats cause they look different? My advice take a rope and hang yourself! Best for you and other HUMANS around! Ow and ps, don’t in(breed) kids. I guess it’s best your bloodline stops with you! Kind regards..

  5. Mcguillacutty, you’re also a relative to Rob i asume? Is it maybe just jalousy that this MAN might be compensated for his stolen years? You just have to face to truth, and know that you will never outgrow you’re trailer. But come on are you a man or just a crying little baby girl? Take your loss like a winner and don’t have jealousy for a man who might get to have some money. You and cousin Rob are the stereotypes of white trash. Dumb ignorant people! And that’s dumb spelled with capital D

    1. I would never be jealous of a nlgger. They are dumb and smell like they’re dead. Nasty animals they are.

  6. Aboriganal1, a its spelled aboriginal and b PHYUCK YA 2, inbreed mindless moron! Ps learn to write before you leave a comment,.

  7. Mikey, go rim your mothers asshole instead.. If you’re lucky you might even get some free cum that someone just put in her for 10 bucks.

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