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  1. Fail why? Because he’s gay? What are you, twelve? He looks like he’s a good sport, clowning around. And the song, not the best, not really what I listen to, but it’s solid enough.

    1. who gives a fuck if hes gay or not,fashion fail so song doesnt make sense,if hes trying to be funny hes not,hes head still looks like my testicle with the part of hair i cant shave

    2. I think it’s a fail because he acted arrogant like he’s the new Boy George and the music was shit.

      He actually has a really good voice and a handle on lyrics though. If he lost all the drama and worked with a decent producer I’d listen to his music.

  2. Being gay is enough, and it has nothing to do with being twelve. It has to do with what is right and what is wrong. Gay is wrong, just like pedophilia is wrong, and sex with animals is wrong. It is freaking weird, and disturbing, and sick in the head.

    That being said, there are other things that are not good about this video. It says that it wants to show off its personality, then it acts like a bitch right in the beginning, by being mean and pouty to the one with the make-up brush. On top of that it sucked as music. The fashion “style” that it wanted to show off was flamboyant, but not stylish in a way that anyone even close to normal would want to praise or emulate. I could only take 1.5 minutes before I shut it down, it was that bad. And I tried.

    Sorry, but you are giving it points for being gay, instead of taking them away as I would do. You are JUST as prejudiced as I am, but in the opposite direction. If this thing weren’t gay, you would have condemned this P.O.S. video as the pile of stinking crap that it is.

    So YES, this IS a fail, on so many, MANY different levels. Sadly you lack the intellect and the discrimination (the original meaning of the word, not the meaning imposed by the liberals) to discern what is good and what is bad. You are a fail too Nosehair. Enjoy your new status.

    1. You’re a moron. Being gay is not ‘wrong’. Is being left-handed wrong? Is being born short, or tall wrong? How about red hair? These are all genetic traits. You do not choose your born height, hair colour etc, same as sexuality. Did you choose to be straight? Not to mention the vast amount of evidence of homosexual behaviour across the animal kingdom.

      And before the inevitable “you’re a fag” comments, I’m straight. I also have a working brain which I worry, true homophobes cannot have… or they’d have be using evidence rather than retard-level arguments to base their thinking on.

    2. No, son sorry, but you are the moron here. Being born left handed, short, tall, with red hair, are all PHYSICAL traits. Being gay is MENTAL state, and it is one that is clearly wrong, to anyone who isn’t fooled by the liberal teachings FORCED down our throats. Sorry but I am not a sheep like you are. Unlike you, I can decide for myself what is right and what is wrong. I don’t let others dictate to me what I think. The only retard level thinking around here is being done by you.

  3. The FAIL isn’t gay or music or video. The fail is the recoil when the makeup artist tried to correct something. He’s full of himself, too.

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