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  1. Uhh, what’s the fail? I mean, I half get it that a patio cooler would be a shitty idea in a cold country, but what if you live in somewhere really hot, like Arizona?

    1. I live in Canada and it’s hot today. It’s called summer. This is still a terrible product idea and you’re a fucking idiot.

    1. Well, considering that it says “for patios” on the package – not that I DON’T find the idea absurd, but the picture seems to represent the purpose of that silly contraption pretty accurately…

    2. PS: What I mean is: The fail does’t lie in the packaging but the entire idea if you ask me.

  2. I isn’t even positioned to blow the cold air on the girl. Also, if it is so hot she needs this thing, then why is she wearing jeans?

  3. If you can’t grasp that an ‘energy efficient’ air conditioner for outside is impossible… don’t have children. For fuck sakes. Some of you are legitimately stupid.

    1. Nah, I failed physics. Don’t worry though; I’d rather cut off my right foot with a rusty chainsaw than have children 😉

    2. If you had bothered to read, you would have noticed it says “evaporative cooling” idiot. It is NOT air conditioning, it is a swamp cooler. It just blows cool, damp air in your direction to save you from frying. It isn’t that expensive to use, and it does work reasonably well. Feel like a fool much?

  4. How is this a fail? I live in Arizona and one of those things would be a life saver if i was outside. It is also good for pets that are outdoors, they need to stay cool.

  5. It’s a Fail to list this is as a fail because it is an “evaporative” cooler, not an AC unit. Evap coolers are basically a fan blowing across wet media. The evaporation of the water cools the air. Very common in dry areas of the country like Arizona & Nevada. They use very little energy compared to an AC unit but they don’t work well when the dew point is 50 or higher.

    1. So… I guess wind doesn’t exist in those states. Colour me embarrassed. Because it’s evaporative, it must also create a thermal shield against the sun and wind, creating a frosty climate within a certain radius of the energy efficient unit.

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