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  1. I swear to God, liberals, if their heads were cut off and their extrusions and specific body parts were thereafter simply attached to puppet strings, whereby they could be made to walk and talk, no one would notice any difference. The most vapid, vacuous, unneeded and pointless sacks of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen to ever grace this planet. Rotting autumn leaves serve more purpose.

    1. Why do you keep talking about yourself in such a bad manner? Do you dislike yourself so much?

    2. Rob Nunya. you have no idea how much we laugh at you for your constant admonition to beware of liberals when in fact it’s STATISTS like you who are the reason Americans are no longer free.

    3. Rob Nunya… i second that. and this bitch, weeeeell….sushi-cal on the chest says it all, fuckin tard.

    4. Rob Nunya needs to keep in mind that “God” is a fairytale character for scared adults.

    1. I can’t see enough to be certain that it’s a female…and you would still bang it.

  2. What’s wrong with woman tattoos?? Her placement is wrong.. If she shaved, that’s where “SUSHI” belong….

    1. Your face is a big bushy sushi that buzzards wouldn’t eat. Go drink some Summer’s Eve.

  3. You’d all spunk up in three seconds like 13 year old kids if you got near her. Leave her to us real men with huge cocks….

  4. I bet she didn’t get this willingly. Just a wild guess, but probably her pimp’s name or something like that. Y’all could do w/a lil more street smarts.

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