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  1. Ok. If there is 2 cars racing and one passes on right and the other car tries to pass another car on right and hits first car who’s fault is it?

    1. BOTH of them are at fault. It’s not a fucking racetrack. Entire families get killed (or worse) because of stupid shit like this.

    2. If a car has control of a lane and another car merges into them, the car that merged is at fault. Passing on the right is not illegal. You’re supposed to drive as far to the right as you can, passing on the left when necessary. However, fault may be assigned (depending on location) to both drivers if they were exceeding the speed limit or driving negligently. Look up contributory negligence or comparative fault. Hopefully these guys screwed themselves over.

  2. Obviously some sort of illegal street race endangering countless innocents. I hope he died and his friends spend a long time in prison.

  3. I live in the Tampa area and I’ve seen those pricks driving like that…I’m happy one of them got into an accident and more than likely lost their license

  4. That accident is not enough. The fact these ignorant bums put other, innocent lives at risk means fines and jail time are not enough. They deserve death and nothing less. Off with their heads!

  5. And that’s why you should not be allowed to pass on the right … getting a DL in the US is a joke and here is the result.

  6. Stupid phuckbrains. It’s one thing if one of these jackasses buys the farm during a race. It’s completely different when, as in this instance, a law-abiding, innocent person or persons are involved in their stupidity through no fault of their own. I hope the cops find you sh1tbrains and prosecute you. If stupid were a crime you a55holes would get the death penalty.

  7. Fast and the furious lovers race their rice buckets thinking they’re fast. First get a car that is actually quick and worth racing. I don’t care if it’s turbo charged; a V8 turbo charged will be a lot quicker than a 4 cylinder turbo charged. Second don’t be an idiot endangering other people’s lives on busy streets. I hope the cops put them away for a long time. At those speeds a vehicle is a weapon. They are also intending to hurt people in that amount of traffic, with that amount of cars racing, and at those speeds. Make them drive smart cars or scooters for the rest of their lives or maybe we should put their training wheels back on.

  8. Not saying this is considered safe driving but why do you think it was illegal street racing? Look like an accident to me and nothing more, maybe they were speeding hard to say.
    I am from Germany and driving like that is more or less normal here, but it is also illegal to pass another car on the right for that reason, because driving on the left lane should always be faster..

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