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    1. This is obviously the teacher section of the yearbook. Those speech bubble captions say “Get real” and “Be rational”, which probably means that those two are math teachers. That doesn’t mean that it was photoshopped though, it could also have been included to be funny in the yearbook.

    2. I live in England and we don’t (or didn’t when I was at school) have yearbooks, but I wouldn’t have thought this would have been added to a “real” book surely?

    3. The year books are made by a yearbook committee that is made up of students. They can design the year book as they please

    4. Ordinarily I would agree with you, but if you got a school with a wacky sense of humor I wouldn’t rule it out. The schools contract with local printers, so they can pretty much do what they want to I imagine. If it really is true then it shows ingenuity and a nice sense of humor that you usually don’t see in schools.

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