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  1. Nlggers, whlggers, lowlifes and wild animals in our cities. Either way, humans prevail. Have fun in the showers!

  2. That must be Rob Numbya. At least that represents what Rob Numbya stands for.

    Do me a favour. Do not reproduce, Rob (although homosexuality has yet to produce its first offspring in the human race, I don’t think mankind wants to chance it)

  3. That Idiot don’t know it yet.. El Bastardo is in the same prison…. El Bastardo didn’t have a new cock to suck for a LONG time….

    1. Did you watch the video???? He got 364 days in county jail. Not prison dumb ass. The 2 of your ruin this website

  4. I have to say that the judge was REALLY calm and collected throughout the entire process. He just sat back and let that animal pile on the abuse, and then calmly proceeded to penalize him for it. I wish every judge was that way, but unfortunately too many judges think that they are God incarnate. My only other real gripe about judges is that they tend to swallow whatever story the police feed them, instead of giving both sides equal consideration, especially when it is someone who has not been in trouble before. Cops lie all the time, and judges know that better than anyone. Why would anyone with that knowledge take a cop at his or her word?

    1. Sounds like Magi has been arrested and wants to blame everyone else for his/her behavior. 95% of cops are honest. Stop watching so many television shows. LOL.

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