Never Invite a Bull to Your Party (FAIL)


People Fail

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  1. Ha ha ha fucking spicks! Coming soon to a US neighborhood near you. While yes, I suppose bending taco shells, knitting big hats, taunting bulls, fiddling with car suspension systems, spray painting walls and car hoods, and playing loud and horrible, talentless music, can be considered a “culture”, so is puncturing and augmenting the size of one’s lip so you can stick a plate in it and dance around a fire with a spear in your hand. It’s just that both of these “cultures” are represented by a class of people that have evolved about 2 generations passed lizard.

    1. I must say that your bad troll attempts are sometimes witty, you really need to educate yourself before you attempt to troll anything. For one, something can not evolve in just two generations. Two, since the aforementioned cultures you are referring are human cultures, since no animal on this planet has culture except human beings, they could not in fact evolve from a lizard. I do understand that you are brainless but I am just trying to help.

    2. Actually Barlion, they are only subclasses of humans, because they are really subhumans. The point that he was making, that you obviously failed to grasp because of your lack of education and comprehension ability, was that they WERE unevolved.

      They are still, despite advances to real humans, sadly stuck in ages past. If not for importing technology from civilized people, they would both still be banging stones together in an attempt to make fire.

      What part of this do you fail to comprehend? If it helps, I can type slower (that was sarcasm. I knew I would have to explain it to you as you wouldn’t get that otherwise) so that you can follow it better.

      Really it was pretty simple and straightforward, but you STILL failed to grasp the obvious. Educate YOURself before advising others to do the same.

  2. NOT a fail. That bull rightfully ended that bands performance. They sucked and e was the only one to do something about it.

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