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    1. It’s a pizza joint, so it can’t be Walmart.
      I don’t know if I could stop myself from cutting those things off. Is saving those kids from ridicule worth getting arrested for aggravated assault? I’m definitely aggravated.

  1. Just as with nlggers, whigger umbilical cords are attached to their ass. Doctor’s simply weren’t aware and neglected to cut them off.

  2. Oh Rob….nothing makes you look more idiotic and ignorant when you use racist slurs incorrectly. and when you have to be educated by others on how to be a racist….its sad and shamefull. These are not “wingers” now if they had corn rows, backwards hat and baggie pants…you sir would have used the correct racial slur and bravo to you…but alas you twit…these a just poor white kids with equally white parents that have either a terrible sense of fashion or have come up with a new and unique form of punishment.
    May your next racist comment fair better

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