People Fail


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  1. How is that a fashion fail? Only humans have fashion, not animals.

    That beast was CLEARLY a sub-human animal, somewhat rather less evolved than, say a neanderthal, or a troglodyte.

    Unfortunately, even animals as ugly as this find a way to reproduce, forcing normal humans to live with this kind of filth around them.

  2. I have no idea how to make this comment more funny or more sad than what is clearly portrayed in that photo. Magi is 100% correct and I have nothing to add except “kill it!” There is zero reason to let that thing germinate.

  3. Words escape me, she looks like a female version of Clayface from Batman, one who really doesn’t try to cover up her special powers

  4. Jesus fucking Christ. Where is the eye bleach?
    This fat, disgusting, wretched jigaboo has got multiple fails going on all at once.
    1. Front ass
    2. She has a thunt. (That’s when your thighs and cunt mold into one under the pressure).
    3. Her tits have rested firmly on her front ass.
    4. She seems to think the shorts that fit her 15 years ago still do.
    5. You can bet your sweet ass she has back tits also.

    That bitch better not start running or else a fire may start from the friction of her blubber legs rubbing together.

    Someone call an anthropologist ’cause i don’t believe this gorilla is supposed to be out of the wild.

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