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  1. Thumbs up Mikey. Complete whigger from nose-to-tail. In fact, for nlggers, that is one fine piece of ass. To them, this is as good as it gets. Being born a nlgger just seems like some kind of punishment or something. I want to feel sorry for them but I cannot. They should all be living in the jungles or on the desert, steppe-like African wilderness lands, in which case I would feel bad when they show them preying on one-another when I watch Animal Planet. You know, like when a cheetah catches a gazelle. At first I feel bad for the gazelle, but then the cute cheetah feeds its cubs and all I feel is, “Awww!” So yeah, I might look at them like I look at the orangutan when it – OOPS! – falles from the tree. “Oh you silly little primate hee hee.” But when they walk down 1st Ave in NY? Not so much. Cute and “awww” goes right out the window and .357 hollow-point is the only thing on my mind.

  2. Why posting this stupid coment (repeat more in case one doesn’t understand) with a picture of you barely naked ?

  3. If she truly had any sort of feelings as she pretended to, she would have dressed differently for her photo. If she could have expressed herself without saying things like “wit” and “wat” when she really means “with” and “what”, we might have had more respect for her supposed intelligence. If she truly has 4 kids, as she claims, then I feel sorry for those poor lost souls. If their fathers are black (please note the word FATHERS, as in multiple), then I don’t feel sorry for the animals at all. I don’t waste sympathy on things that don’t deserve it.

    1. Magi, you say “fathers” like they are. The moment a nig.ger finds out it has impregnated a female, it hauls ass; thus never actually being a father. more like a sperm donor.

  4. WTF did that (what do you call that?) woman? just say?!? Can someone please translate that illegible nonsense into English?

  5. Dear Ambrosia
    Why are you posting all that crap? You alway asking me to cum over.. When I just walk into your Apt. First thing you alway do drop to your knee and say to my cock I miss. you…

  6. She probably was rammed full of rancid nlgger spunk after a simian gang bang when she wrote this shit..

  7. She’s probably starting to realise banging on about her ‘Black Boyfriend’ doesn’t make her seem quite as worldly as she thought is would after him and his monkey nlgger pals fucked her savagely in every hole repeatedly….

  8. She’s probably starting to realise banging on about her ‘Black Boyfriend’ doesn’t make her seem quite as worldly as she thought it would, after him and his monkey nlgger pals gangbanged her savagely in every hole repeatedly….

  9. I enjoy persons such as this. At times when I am feeling like perhaps I haven’t made the right choices in life, I see a person like and think to myself, I am God compared to them. Thank you skank.

  10. I wouldn’t respect you cause you’re an adult who uses teenage lingo and doesn’t know how to use punctuation marks. And also, please look up the word “childish” in the dictionary.

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