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  1. Yes, I would instantly gravitate toward nlggers being the culprits here, but these days, what with liberalism in the classroom and that fine public schooling Obama & Co have given us, this can pretty much be anybody in urban ghetto USA.

    1. It says its posted from Western Australia so I doubt that it was posted by someone in urban ghetto USA. At least pay attention to the post before run your mouth fucktard.

    2. @Rob. You’re correct. It certainly could be applied to the U.S. However the example, the reality is the 12 yr old girl is not the looser. It’s the dumb bitch that posted the FB comment and got 23 likes! I’m laughing my ass off at them not the 12 year old.!!!! That’s the joke!!!!

    1. 23 FB mindless skanks. 17 years in public school system and1 12 year old learned what 23 skanks cant!! I bet the 12 yr old goes to college and ends up earning 60K. 😉

    2. The more I think about it the funnier it gets. 12 year old wins no matter how you slice it. She will be successful while the rest are FOREVER LOST looking for a man and a party to go to!!!

  2. nlggers for certain but what would a nlgger be doing in a librabry in the first place unless he was cleaning the white master’s shit from the lavatory.

  3. Libraries promote Reading clearly alcoholic whore was drunk FBing. With her I graduated the 5 grade twice minions.
    What is a stupid whore doing in a library picking on children?
    Can you say Jealousy. i knew you could you SLUT!!!

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