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    1. No the post is valid. He is stupidly wearing his hat backwards, which prevents the brim of the hat from shading his eyes. He is carrying sunglasses in his shirt collar, which afford his eyes no protection from the sun. Got all that so far?

      Ok, now look and see what he is using his hand for.

      It is SHADING HIS EYES from the sun. He has two ways to do this with zero effort, and better protection, but he is letting them both go unused. Get it now?

    2. You should have been sarcastic. The fails were all circled for the stupid people and he still didn’t get it. I’ll bet JD has 2 teeth, a mullet, drives a 1979 Ford F150, plays the banjo, dips snuff with little brown spit trails dribbling down from the corners of his mouth, chews on a piece of grass, and makes river tourists squeal like pigs.

      JD, the squeal like pigs line a reference to the movie Deliverance. Probably some of your relatives were the stars in that movie.

    3. I got the ‘fail’ bit, but I remember a time when epic fail posted epic fails…not stupid shit like this.

      Moreover, the dude clearly has his back to the sun and appears to only be shielding his eyes to look as something to his side.

      One might argue that using your hand to shield the sun in such a situation uses less energy than either turning the cap around or putting on his sun-glasses.

    1. While I agree it seemed obvious to me, I have to admit that there have been one or two I didn’t get right at first either. In that spirit I was just trying to explain it.

      I honestly wasn’t trying to be nasty about it to him. There was just no way to say it while sounding nice though. If I had tried for really nice it would have come off as sarcastic.

    1. @Son Of 2lolo
      Will you Stop looking in when I fuck Ambrosia.!!!!!!!
      And NO….. You can’t suck my cock…….

  1. Ahhhhh, douchebaggery at its finest. All the while, trying to look “cool”; This stupid fuck actually shows everyone the moron he truly is.

  2. Magi & Jack Daniels are phucking idiots that belong together and probably bangin their nasty bodies right now in a trailer somewhere.

    Seriously, how phucking stupid are you ppl?

  3. Moolie Killa, I understood and explained to JD what the fail was. I was even polite. In what way can you make any sort of claim that I am an idiot, or that I am stupid?

    Either you misunderstood me entirely due to my being unclear (unlikely), or you aren’t all that bright yourself. By the way bright boy, Magi means mage or wise man. As in the 3 Magi who visited Jesus just after his birth? Wise up son.

    Looks like you are the “phucking stupid idiot doesn’t it? I have a hard time taking anyone who would say “phucking”, or use “killa” instead of killer anyway. It shows you for the fool that you are, good work.

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