Japanese Commercial WIN



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  1. Hey girls! Want to be cool like the slut in this commercial? Learn to suck dick and buy our frozen treat. Yay!!!

    Liberalism has literally destroyed all of the fabric that once made up the fuel of progress. Now “progress” is synonymous with whoring and Apple iPhones. Good luck if a crisis occurs. Good luck raising children. Japan used to be the benchmark and envy of the world for its incredible education and technological superiority. Now, they just make porn and cartoons. Oh Japs, how far you’ve fallen!

    1. facebook.com/rob.nunya.9

      Check out epic fail’s favorite cigarette smoking, bi sexual, Democratic commentator

    2. Why, Drew! I am surprised by your attitude! Why would you hate Rob? He is right about 97% of the time?

      Maybe it is that YOU are one of the liberal, fudge-packing scum that he rages about with accuracy and devastating truth?

      Shame on you, you perverted scumbag! Go find a large dollop of common sense and decency towards decent, honest, normal people, and hate those fruitcakes that deserve it.

    3. He can talk about “libtards” all he wants. He lost me on a rant about skateboarding. When I realized hes a pussy who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Congrats! Your leader is an ignorant pussy

    4. U r supposed to watch Muricans retarded commercials…

      Something like.

  2. Guys
    Please forgive me.
    I have a very rural education and I simply am not that smart. I really do not understand the terms I use regarding politics or social commentary, but it feels good to hate on something. I am an uneducated white American and unfortunately I have no future.

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