Idiot Of The Day (Backflip FAIL)


People Fail

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  1. Hi
    My name is Rob and I am uneducated and ignorant. Please forgive me as my mother/aunt did not raise me very well.

    1. Hello Rob. That’s a shame. The first step toward recovery is admission so you’re well on your way to becoming normal again. Next you will have to go back to school, no public schools this time, disregard all things liberalism preaches as that is the root cause of your mental handicap, learn the power of minimal observation to instantly recognize the difference between humans and apes, including apes that walk upright amongst the urban populous of most liberal leaning cities, and finally, disown yourself from your mother/aunt, etc., as they clearly have done a horrible job. Good thing you took the first step however. I applaud your self realization. It may not be a cure but it certainly is a step.

      Now there “Numbnut” (how apropos), that kind of backfired on you now didn’t it? Try again.

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