Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL


People Fail

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  1. If people are SOOOOO concerned about LGS then why the hell do they spend so much time being attention whores instead of contributing to research??? DAFUQ?????

    1. I don’t know that anyone has dumped ice water over themselves in the name of LGS. I’m not even sure what LGS is; this would be the ALS ice bucket challenge and from July 29-August 26 this challenge has raised 88.6 million dollars for ALS research. During the same span last year without the challenge only 2.6 million dollars was raised, so it appears that the attention whores are doing quite nicely contributing. But I must give you props on a right respectable Troll Comment.

    2. My bad PunchDrunk… I equated Lou Gehrig Syndrome (LGS) to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. And yes you’re right, raising awareness is one thing, but the remainder of my comment stands.

    3. @PunchDrunk I think he means something like “Lou Gehrig’s Syndrome” – Which is however neither a correct nor a common denomination. It’s either “Lou Gehrig’s disease”, “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” or, less commonly, “Motor Neuron Disease” or “Charcot Disease”

    4. @ punch drunk and poopr,
      You two need a charity of yourown to research your own stupidity. ALS isLGS or LGD. Lou Gherig (the famous ball player and all around great guy) Was the first celebrity to get ALS and lent his name to it to raise money for a cure.
      There, you two wet behind the ears cunts have just been schooled.
      And especially at Punch Drunk, You are a speco\ial kind of stupid. You think that it was great that thet kind of money was raised. Well you fag tastic shit pot. Only 10 percent ofthat money ever makes it to the lab for researc. the rest lines trhe pocketr fof the executives and pays for the lavish buildings they have

  2. That was Lou Gehrig trying to slap the stupid out of her by channeling his “slap-a-bitch” from beyond the grave.

  3. I’m so glad that bar was there to stop all that idiotic screaming. Thank you solid, inanimate object for your service, I salute you.

  4. And we gave these things the right to vote.
    Complete idiots. Water wings ,goggles, swimsuit and not a single stitch of the ability to think ahead.
    Just a twat attached to random incompressible thought and hormone fed indiscriminate emotional outbursts

  5. Один будет прыгать с небоскреба и позовет мартышек с собой, все обезьяны прыгать с ним.

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