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  1. I don’t think they’re siblings. Everytime my ex and I were doing it in a car, and cops saw us acting suspicious, we were like “whaaaat?? ARE YOU SICK, SHE’S MY SISTER!, we’re just talking here, do you mind?” and they were like “oh, so sorry”.

  2. We live in a world that has idiots,and those idiots have to be ridiculed. who’s going to do it? you? Nunya has a greater responsibility than you can possibly weep for the idiots and you curse nunya. you have that luxury. you have the luxury of not knowing what nunya knows. Nunya’s comments, while harsh, probably saves lives. You Don’t Want The Truth Because Deep Down In Places You Don’t Talk About At Parties, You Want Nunya On This Website. You need him on this website. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up your brain and post a troll. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to

    1. And almost 2/3 rds of those idiots are Christians who think they have the right to dictate their fucking shit ass Bibical morals which they cherry pick) And you are one of those that don’t understand that the government has NO place in a consenting adults sex life. Now, kindly keep your holier than thou opinion to yourself. We don’t publicly shame you for talking to invisible friends while being a fully grown adult. That being said, thee was no constitutional law broken besides possible trespass.
      I tell you we could vastly raise the collective IQ in this nation in one generation simply by taxing Churches and eliminating tax deductions for your “tithes” (giving money to a bigotted and exclusionary organization so you can buy your way to heaen?) which none f you fucktards ever question. If your god is all powerful why does he need money? Just pray to him/her/it and the money should magically appear. Oh ye of bullshit faith. see how long it takes people to stop being fucktards then. Hell you cunts should be supportive of incest. After all Adam and Eve only had two sons and supposedly they populated the earth. And the God killed everyone but Noah and his wife and daughters. So…. same ting again. All sanctioned by you invisible friend.

  3. Haha her name is Christopher seriously? And I know it’s a law, but since when do they actually prosecute people for it? This is why we have Jerry Springer. Just court order the idiots
    to burn their tubes so that no children suffer. Otherwise, who cares.

  4. It don’t get any more redneck that that.
    I never heard of a chick with the name of Christopher before. Her parents must have wanted a boy.
    Ah, let them have their fun. It’s not like anyone else would want to fuck either one anyway.

  5. Don’t really care about the trailer or church parking lot. (and i don’t actually care about consentual incest it ain’t my thing nut)
    What bothers me about this, is that no where in the constitution (which I fought to defend) does it say that the government has NAY say in the private lives of citizens. No one was hurting anyone and no one was being forced against their will. Therefore this is just another government intrusion against the pursuit f life love and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t give a rats ass if you don’t agree. And I fully expect all of you to talk out of your ass and claim some moral shit. ANd most of you will claim that high ground from your Bible and the racist mysogynist murderous bigotted shit contained there in. Well fuck you. You don’t get to dictate your questionable morals to ANYONE in a free country, escpecially when the country was founded on personal freedom and the ability to self govern. Fuck off with your bullshit about being a Christian country. We are not now and never were. And if you actually believe that then you should be working to ban other religions so you can be the same as those Islam only countries you claim to hate.

  6. Interresting, if
    man with man – ok
    Women with Woman – ok
    man becomes women – ok
    women becomes man – ok
    2 women eat shit – viralsuperok

    but when brother and sister (and do we relly know they are i mean mothers are not always that honest) then lets go to jail

    victimless offense for fuck sake, those shouldnt be prosecuted, moral law anyway and as long people get droned and police shoots homeless for fun noone should judge on moral

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