Morality FAIL


People Fail

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  1. Yep, and yet people still use words like “youths” and “teens” and “fill-in-the-PC-blank.” For every 100 spicks or nlggers (spiggers in this case?), 1 Eurasian does the same, but then so to simply mimic the acts of jungle bunnies.

    1. This is one time Rob that I’m not going to bust your chops for a comment that is relatively mild for you. “Youths” and “teens” doesn’t even come close.

  2. Sad leetle peeces of sheet. Fat Hector the booster and his skinny dog-molesting friend stole a tablet. Hope they catch them and deport them.

  3. say something bad against whites and the comment grt erased…be racists against anyone else and nothing happens…interesting

  4. And in a few weeks those two thieving cunts will be wondering why they suddenly got their heads kicked in. Bullshit like this is generally what causes that…

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