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  1. Oh Lord help me put my thoughts into logical commentary. Neh, won’t happen.

    A nlgger with pitbulls you say? Ney, it can’t be so! They should’ve saved the dogs and thrown the owner inside and locked him in. Pants sagging. Yelling (and demanding no less) at the firefighters as though they owe him something. This urban, front-stair, shit-cricket probably left it’s crack pipe burning and left to trade it’s WIC card for more drugs.

    1. “precious dogs”? Wtf cares? One dies you buy another. These filthy stinking animals eat their own shit…

    2. Donna, totally agree with you!
      Slowbama, it’s not always the breed of dog, but how they were raised by their owner that will cause a dog to be aggressive. I don’t think you know enough about this owner to judge whether or not those dogs would attack anyone. I’ve known many pits that are cuddly babies that wouldn’t hurt a fly.
      Joliet Jake, some could say you’re just a dirty animal who we should just let die, i mean babies are born every minute, you’re easily replaceable. All living things deserve to live just like us humans, no species is more deserving of life then any other species.

  2. Great! A couple dogs that will be used to safegaurd this dealers stash or raised to fight on the weekend for extra cash. Best thing that could have happened was these dogs would have died. ASome poor child will lose half their face to one of these dogs.

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