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  1. Finally illiterate.

    Who gives a shit anyway? The only thing i’d be looking at is the top of her head anyway. I would blast come all over her face.

    1. I think I am replying to you. Finally famous looks the MOST LEGIT-but it isn’t. Look how the writing goes up and over her collar bone without changing. No tattoo artist would do that. They’d keep the ink under the collar bone if possible or there would be a curve where the line went over the bone. Plus getting a tat where there aint no fat-PAINFUL. THE ONE ON HER ARM LOOKS FAKE. It looks like straight up manipulated text. It doesn’t flow or move with any of her biceps/triceps,someone who’s good with ink makes it flow with your body. She could rock ink-rocks the dermals (IF the’re even real)…but the only real ink will be if u print a picture. pretty legit

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