Price Is Right FAIL


Game Fail

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  1. I don’t see humor in this. This urban-american front-stoop capuchin was merely using Nigerian Naira denominations to which it was accustomed before being forcibly snatched from its native habitat and thrown into unfamiliar human terrain. To add, it was then thrown onto a stage and asked to perform arithmetic calculations and predictions? That is just plain cruel! 7,000 it is most certainly can be you darling, dear nlgger. 7,000 it is! Please use the rear entrance when leaving.

  2. Rob: Why don’t you cut out the racist comments and do something more beneficial with your writing talent? It seems like you could actually write something that more people would enjoy. I’m being serious. Put that talent to good use. Don’t let it go to waste on posting racist crap.

    1. I enjoy his comments, there is much truth in them. Quit your nlgger loving before it’s too late.

  3. Ugh… once again: People filiming (what I suppose to be) their TiVo recordings with their phones… what a stupid kind of fad is that?

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