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  1. How’s this a fail? Judging by their appearance she is simply preparing the kid for his career, which surely will involve many years in the penile system.

    1. We understood what you meant. To all you nunya haters out there, don’t make me give you my “a few good men” speech about him again

    2. Actually, I’m quite amused by Rob’s comments. He’s one of the reasons I come to this site. His rants can be epic at times.

      BTW, he doesn’t need your “Speeches”. I’m sure he’s quite capable of retorting to comments on his own.

      Off. That’s the general direction in which I would like you to fuck.

  2. If one looks close it is obvious that those are play handcuffs. The chain is too long, the shackles are thin and flimsy, and they are too rounded. Real cuffs are slightly oblong and thicker. They are also very loose and the child could easily pull even his overly-pudgy hand out of them. The kid is playing here, and the adult is just letting him play. Mystery solved Watson.

  3. More like a parenting WIN.
    When mom saw her dipshit son dressed like a nig.ger, she decided to make him feel like one too.

    1. who cares where this is….walmart…. but we all know a little bastard’s cum stain that needs to be cuffed for the safety of everybody else

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