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  1. A supposed “art piece” by American contemporary artist Paul McCarthy… it only stood for two days, then someone forcibly deflated it.

  2. Yeah, read about this. Good to know there are still French people who have brains and won’t stand for this mass hysteria of perverts calling themselves normal that is sweeping the world. They deflated it and good riddance. Last thing the world needs is another “artist” like this asshole.

    1. Holy crap….first time I agree with you..we really don’t need douche “artist” who think that they are so “out there”

    2. I agree with you rob, only thing is this guy never claimed to be normal. He made it clear many times he was crazy. Only way I would agree with this “art” is if the meaning was christmas his a huge pain in the

    1. Wow, you actually came to the conclusion that the shape of this object resembles that of a butt plug. How very astute.

  3. @poopr maybe it was an honorary statue created to hifhlite our financial crisis. At least it would explain what we Americans truly believe is coming from the White House. $#!/

    1. @britishgirl. I think it’s supposed to be a Tree… I think the French need to stick to sculptures like Lady Liberty… Forgings from Copper is more up their alley.
      well… so is this but let’s NOT.
      I honestly think it was meant for the White House Lawn!!!

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