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  1. Holding a gun sideways like a typical jig is only going to get you laughed at first off.
    Secondly; combine that with the fact that you’re a pussy is going to get you shot.

  2. “Is THIS how to hold a gun?”
    -“Nope. Certailny not.”
    “You sure?”
    “Aw hell… ok, I’ll be back later…”

  3. White kids, no matter how fucked up, still lack that elusive, ingrown nlgger gene that produces natural aggression and criminal drive within real wild animals. Of course he can go and study this natural behavior in Ferguson or on any Puerto Rican pride (proud of what exactly?) parade, and try to recreate the behavior. That’s how other white criminals do it.

    1. Rob you are a fucken tard it’s not hard to see you are trying to hard to say the N word online not every robbery or fight needs the N word your comment should be taken and added to the line up on this site fear not the Internet warrior Rob Nunya

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