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  1. Camera man was awesome. Maybe he shouldn’t have been cussing with kids around, but the loser in the stolen uniform deserved everything that was said. I would have been screaming for a cop. It is actually a federal crime to impersonate a member of the military / wear a U.S. military uniform without distinctive markings to indicate that the wearer is NOT in the military. I served, and the questions about the CIB, MOS’s, basic training location, type of boots, and patch wear are compelling evidence that this loser is a fraud. He needs to be beat up by a crowd.

  2. Took our son to dinner one night after ROTC, an older couple at the table next to us paid for his meal. By the time we found out they had left, we never let him go out to dinner with it on again. He hadn’t earned that right. He was just a high school ROTC student. We never intended to deceive. We I told my family members about it, they suggested he wear it all the time – that’s just wrong.

  3. I don’t know about laws in USA, but in Canada you can get arrested if you wear military uniform and pretend to be a part of Army. Its illegal up here.

  4. I pretend to be a veteran often, I find it helps me get into pants of loose woman and sluts. Stolen valor, there is no valor in being in the military.

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