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  1. I don’t get it. The only fail here to be the loser that posted it. Yes, I will admit that the subjects are both female and both have long hair. Help me out, loser. Am I missing something else?

  2. Snickering Troll – first off it’s not a fail…it’s a win. The “subjects” are the same woman. On the left what she normally looks like, on the right in She-Hulk make-up. Not only is it a good costume, but she’s hot.

  3. Hot??? My god you people have low standards. On a scale of 1-10 this girl is a 4 at best. Christ. I’d hate to see what you dopes look like.

  4. All that trouble and time to paint her up and they didn’t do her hair, she hulks hair is green. And she’s not a super model but she is hot, the fact that she did a pretty good job of becoming she hulk boosts her from a 4 to a solid 7. I’d let her rough me up any time.

  5. Dick and picaflor …you guys prob never banged a fuckin girl in your life …holdin out for that 10 right , damn just no one good enough only to find out when your 40 you were both fuckin queer for eachother and spend the rest of your days ass fuckin eachother suckin out the cum and shit from eachothers ass…..fuckin 4… get the fuck outta here…

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