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  1. “Doctor Fail”
    “Doctor Fail”?

    Epicfail, a look to the right-hand side of this picture clearly shows a menu. Which means that this picture was either ON a menu or on some sort of advert promoting a restaurant. The former is more likely though, considering that it seems to be hung on a wall directly above some sort of nutrition info thingie.
    What I’m trying to convey is… is… I don’t even know where to start explaining how stupid this post is!

    1. The reason why this is a fail is because the doctor is using a stethoscope, which mean’s he is attempting to listen to the sandwich’s lungs or heartbeat…

  2. I think this site has been taken over by 9 year olds whose parents won’t take the parental controls off of the internet so they can see the good stuff, and their 12 year old PETA loving sisters took over their other site DAMN.COM.

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