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  1. Yup, they have child raising values equal to common house plants, but let’s let them all in and give them free everything, paid for by everyone else, and then let’s teach anyone who resists devolving to the common house plant that they’re evil, “intolerant” and racist. This planet is going to shit.

  2. She’s indoctrinating her young yard ape to leach off the system and have others do all the work for you. In 16 years, this fat, fucking jigaboo will be rolling down the aisles at WalMart in an electric scooter with her fat rolls hanging off the sides. She’ll then pay for the junk food she’s managed to forage with her EBT card.

    Your welcome, fat ass.

  3. Take another look, the kid appears to have an intellectual disability. Yeah don’t be too quick to judge on that one… You both failed, dumb fucks….

  4. She may have a learning disability thats no reason to have the kid in a stroller, she is old enough to be in a wheel chair. Having her in a stroller at that size makes it look ridiculous.

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