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  1. This is not the guy’s fault. Only idiots take vertical videos! She’s blonde, so it makes sense that she never learns…..

    1. You’re missing the part where her hair starts to become blonde from changing her original hair color. If you obviously believe a persons hair looks like that as blonde then you mustn’t understand how hair color actually works. The only way hair can achieve a full blonde head of hair naturally is by having a genetic defect that causes the hair to lack any pigment. I am only saving you from this so when you insist on making fun of others for being blonde you are in turn making fun of yourself for being too stupid to understand the process of what natural hair color actually looks like. For you to assume that hair color is attached to intelligence proves how strong you’re mental strain must be. I’m just helping you to avoid being something that all women laugh at and would not take seriously. So technically to drop it all the way down to your level, that comment didn’t get my panties wet.

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