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  1. The Smith and Wesson 500 magnum is one serious handgun. That exact thing can happen to a grown man. I’ve shot that gun, and I can tell you firsthand that you’d better have both hands gripping that pistol like you were trying to choke the fucking grips because that revolver will bruise your palms after 5 shots.

    This should be a WIN. I have never seen a kid attempt to shoot that gun before.

  2. LOL…listen to all the american’s boosting they shot that gun …..

    the only place you would shoot that gun is in an elementary school at the teachers and pupils

    1. No, “Bitchburn”, the only people we’d be shooting at with that, is low IQ scum with bad English skills, like you.

    2. Wrong, stebburn. That’s what liberal democrats do. People like me kill stupid foreigners such as yourself, like Moonman said.

    3. retarded Americans –

      college entry grade – RAPEY

      mental attitude to join your armed forces – rapist

  3. I am from foriegn land, america sucks cause I suck and am jealous of freedom and firearms.

    Not im not an unforntunate born, Im an American badass, (bald eagle comes in and shits in your mouth as it takes your girl.)

  4. I am an avid shooter. I send at least 200 rounds down range every week. Safety, when shooting, is one of my primary concerns. That being said, whoever is responsible for letting this ill-prepared, unexperienced person shoot this S&W 500 deserves to be kicked in the balls. Shooting more gun than you can handle is no joke and no laughing matter. This is how people get hurt on the range.

    1. True trimation , seeing the way that gun flipped it would of been a shame seeing it discharging while pointing right to his face . Damn .

  5. If there were ever a gun i would have in the zombie apocalypse.

    The S&W 500 would be the one
    Lucky fuckin americans

    (And yes I have fired rounds at a target, I’m not a psychopath)

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