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  1. Why… no need for the finger on the trigger is your not going to shoot…. Was he trying to impress the elderly lady in the lift????

  2. That happens all the time when someone plays with a gun. Do it again but this time aim for your face.

  3. Let me guess.
    This happened in Murica…
    The country where Pigs r smarter then humans.

    Couldn’t think of another country with that IQ as Murica.

    1. What’s wrong with Murica? We have kicked everyone and every country’s collective asses for many years – you butt hurt Unevaknowwhoiam? No one really cares who you are – we all know you are just a pitiful little Peon that is meaningless and irrelevant. Have a nice, meaningless, little life…..

  4. Funny stuff!- used to be a cop and I can say that he was trying to impress a random lady and shot himself! too funny!!! A SMALL portion of cops are like this azzhole – not a lot. Dickhead deserved what he did to himself…..

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