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    1. to sum it up, they’re not that good, the boy almost lost two fingers when holding the cards (somewhere in the middle) and at the end he nearly get’s an extra airhole in his head.

  1. I bet Rob nunya and Mikey are the ones in this show, after this they will probally go suck eachother off while writing racist comments as those beta faqqots they are

    1. No “sad”. I’m going to call you sad. Is that ok? It’s more fitting.

      No-no. They’re not faggots or apes. They’re Lithuanians. Nothing wrong with about half of that race. Most of them are just fine. Unfortunately, a great number of them are the spawn of a to-this-day Nazi sympathizing subculture. Now I’m not saying that means they’re all Nazis. I’m saying that a certain, rather high percentage of Lithuanians are — like you — of poor upbringing and horrible brainwashing coupled with horrific education courtesy of methodical rewriting of history in the classroom, not unlike modern liberal academia; therefore, a large number are simply stupid. Are you by any chance Lithuanian? Anyway, many Lithuanians were brought up to love Fascism and hate books. I know that at least you can relate to the latter. In fact, about the only similar quasi-Euro example I can bring up that trumps the stupidity of a certain percentage of Lithuanians are western Ukrainians who too are being applauded for their Nazi behavior by your monkey-king Obama & Co. But then again, what am I doing? I’m trying to teach a libiot about history after you have already been convinced that fags are normal and that down is up and hot is cold. The hardest thing in life is to convince an arrogant moron that they’re a… arrogant moron, so I will leave you be to bathe in your own intellectual puddle.

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