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    1. Obviously Mikey, your true interests and feelings are showing through, which is okay btw. the fact here is – the split in the pelvis (at the bottom center) tells that this is a woman. Men’s pelvises are solid. The split it to allow a child out of the birth canal.
      considering I would let you let my load slide down the back of your throat just as quickly as I would a woman, it’s okay mikey to have “faggot” trailer hitch fantasies.

    2. Majestic, unfortunately for you, danR is correct. At least do some research before spouting nonsense. Hell, we’re in the internet age. It’s easy. That said, this is more likely a male pelvis because of the shape of the ilium. And no, I did not have to look that up. Regardless, that hip belongs to a faggot (or someone who loves fish and is extremely unlucky), Mikey has a point, and danR is spot-on. So where does that leave you? Aha.

    1. @ 1 BallSack
      Sorry.!!!! You ask me to help you to sit on this HITCH Ball…. YES.!!!! You said Slowly but I DROP You on that Ball.!!!!! Look at it this way, Now you have 2 Balls… 1 Hung Low and ! up your Ass.!!!
      LUCKY YOU.!!!!!!

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