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  1. “If it really happens, I’ll be the coolest person in the bar for like 3 minutes. Shots, shots, shots! Either way my girl will leave me, but hey, I’m gay as hell”

  2. Fucking redneck assholes please leave the U.S you make everyone hate us and all of us look like idiots.
    Also jasontroll the NFL is played in Europe as well, so pull your head out of your ass and do some research or you look just as stupid as this d- bag.

  3. @jay sending American teams to play 3 games a year in London doesn’t make it an international league. Your comment makes you look like a d-bag

    1. Don’t read the first few sentences of Wikipedia and think u know what your talking about. 3 teams from the u.s go over to Europe. However Amsterdam, Barcelona,Berlin,Frankfurt,London,Hamburg and a few others have formed teams and played in the WLAF. So now you look like a D-bag. I’m a summing jay was only trying to make the guy look like a asshole because of his gayboy games is only played in America,America sucks comment. Id say he did a pretty good job at that.

  4. Thnx wtf, but you didn’t need to give that much info to back me up. I don’t even live in the U.S I just hate people who spit shit they know nothing about. America doesn’t suck I have visited the U.S and it def does not suck. I plan to move with the rest of my family with in the year. Thnx again mate.

  5. @wtf why don’t you read the F*cking comment i am responding to before you run your mouth. He clearly says the NFL plays in Europe. If he would have said Football is also played in Europe than you would ha e had a valid point. But now you just look like the biggest d-bag around

  6. Ok this is just getting ridiculous, if I could delete my comment I would. The point is they play more then one game out side the U.S, so it’s not only played in America. Thats the point get over it and move on.

    1. But his point is that you can’t be a world Champ of anything when you are only playing against teams from one country. same thing for the NBA and NHL and MLB ( i know they have teams in canada) none of those champions can be considered world champs as they only represent one or two countries.

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