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  1. Who goes to the hospital for that?
    It just went through meat and skin.
    Pull that shit out and put a bandaid over it you fucking pussy.

    1. I guess EF rules don’t allow showing the front half of the splintered arrow sticking in his eye.

      Never the good parts.

  2. Na, there isnĀ“t a front half of the arrow. This is a typical archery accident. The force pushes the arrow from the back, so if the arrow is damaged it can broke and than it hits your bow hand as it seen in the picture. And no, its not olay meat and skin, there are important nerves in the hand, if you cut them, you can lose the possibility of feel or control your fingers.

    1. “…it can broke…”

      OK. So there IS a front half, if it broke. And it’s obvious that’s a back-half with a splintered breakage. Even a crossbow dart is hardly that short.

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