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  1. Fucking haters man, jealous ya’ll ain’t even a micro fraction as good as that kid? Grow the fuck up. That dude has some serious ability. Bout time you jackasses recognized that… (And incidentally I hate Hip Hop but even I can respect his talent)

  2. UN-impressed. So he can hop around like a howler monkey, so what? I’ve seen more impressive moves from street performers who KNEW they weren’t good enough to make it in real show-business.

  3. The caption says it all: This man isn’t human. Exactly. He’s a nlgger.

    On the other hand, yeah. Sure. It’s cool. What’s next for “cool” primate, more efficient interplanetary transport vehicle? Neh, he’ll probably just keep dancing in the evenings and playing Nintendo in the daytime. Oh well.

    1. @Rob Nunya
      whats your problem with black people? are you a racist? can your vocabulary produce another, kinder word for African Americans than then the N word, or are you just that ignorant?

  4. Well done! Although I’m not a fan of that musical genre I was very impressed with that young man’s performance.

  5. Kid is good, and to all you racist, jealous, A-holes commenting stupidity, he’s the one laughing. Because guess what, its not you up there, or on the net, and he definitely gets laid more than you. Lol, keep hating haters, its people like you that make life interesting.

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