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    1. Yes cause fuck any kind of medical condition this girl may have, lets just focus on the skin color. Fucking retard racist 🙂

    2. Oh, sad (asd), where do I start?

      1. You’re still spelling your name incorrectly.

      2. I concede that grammar mistakes are allowable on EF, because there is no edit option, however, yours have methodical consistency. This suggests that either a. you’re a nlgger, b. you’re a libiot, or c. you’re the unfortunate combo thereof.

      3. How do you know that thing is a she? Looks like a male specimen to me, but then I guess when it comes to retards it takes one to know one.

      4. I apologize for insulting your offspring.

      5. What’s with the smiley face at the end of all of your comments? It comes off like a very assured, high-dollar bet on a 100-to-1 chance at funny with the results seeming to so far be unrewarding for you. That’s a shitload of excessive enthusiasm on your part. Maybe proofreading your comments might help your quip factor.

      6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am not racist! Racism infers that the target is human, i.e., “race” whereas nlggers are not human, thus, race is a non-issue. If I called a goldfish a fishbrain, would you call me racist?

      Folks, ‘sad’ here is clearly a fuming monkey driven by anger and instinct alone, which once again helps support my point that nlggers are still nothing more than semi upright apes on the evolutionary chart, stuck somewhere between Kenyanthropus platyops (3.5 million years ago) and Paranthropus boisei (1.5 million years ago).

      But I am glad that I got your attention, sad. That was the mission.

      P.S. 🙂

    3. @asd I would like to point out that you are angry at rob for making fun of this person, but it sounds like your mad because he made fun of the race. however the context of your comment sounds like you rather him make fun of the mental handicap then the race. Also if you really hate when people make fun of someone’s mental handicap, you would not use the would retard to insult rob.
      Yes my grammar sucks get over it.

  1. @asd

    When Rob makes the assertion that entity ‘x’ is not a ‘y’ because it fails condition ‘z’, when every criterion for ‘z’ is present, then you have to know that the whole thing is a long and elaborately constructed schtick that’s been going on for years, and nothing more. Something along the lines of Sasha Baron Cohen’s character’s “Let’s throw the Jevv down the well.”

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