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    1. To a nlgger or a libiot, anything honest is instantly “rrrraaaacist” hahaha!

      Your logic in 3, 2, 1: officer, that man that robbed me was an average, misunderstood, african-american male who has been oppressed and therefore deserves special privileges, please catch him for me and apologize on my behalf. LMFAO!

      Stupidity is terminal.

    2. Oh, it took 6,5 hours.
      Rob, you’re a fucking idiot. But I smile thinking about that guy who managed to troll you away for a while. With just a few sentences.
      Because of that I know for sure you’re a petty little douchebag. Only losers would take troll comments on epicfail so serious like you did, you twat.

  1. He needs to record one song and then kill himself. That is the only way anything that loser performs will be of any value. Kind of like the Picasso of rap except he should cut his entire head off.

  2. Did all of you pro-nlgger folks just watch that video? Aha. I rest my case.

    Folks, animals belong in the wild. When allowed into human society, they belong in a cage, otherwise, you get this.

    1. Spot on as usual Rob.
      This asshole is most likely a product of it’s mother smoking crack during it’s pregnancy.

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