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  1. what a fairy…..

    he must has released doing a video with a ‘DOLLs’ sized bottle of booze …. would make him look a knob regardless of not being able to handle it

  2. Yeah the teeny-tiny baby bottle was funny enough … the racial comments are not necessary.BTW, if you are going to bust balls, at least use correct grammar.

  3. These shit-skinned knuckle-scrapers are hilarious. All of them. Better than the zoo. Free animal show entertainment in any-ghetto USA.

    1. @Truexile – Fuck Jesus. @Val – You’re right, Truexile should get banned for always picking on Rob.

    2. @Richard Parker – I agree with you on the “fuck Jesus” part but @Rob Nunya and @2lolo – Can you guys please get a life? You guys are making me feel lame for even responding to your crazy comments but I feel it has to be done.

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