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  1. WTF is that thing on the right!? Looks like an alien fucked a monkey and than gave birth anally (the way all nlggers are made). Yikes! I swear, nlggers’ process of natural selection is exactly like that of apes, the bigger and uglier the female specimen the more they want to mate with it.

  2. That thing on the right is most likely it’s sister.
    Not even sure that’s a chick.
    Or maybe they’re both females.
    Or both males.

    Fuck it. I need to go bleach my eyes.

  3. Looks like she/he has one of those discovery channel diseases….by the way, the racism on here is more disturbing than that man/lady.

    1. @Early Cyler….couple of things.
      1. It’s ‘hear’ not ‘here’
      2.It’s ‘Blacks’ not ‘black’ it’s suppose to be plural not singular. The better term would be African Americans.
      3. I am untitled to read and comment on anything I please. Have a great day.

    2. I’m sorry sweetheart, I meant entitled instead of untitled. Guess we all make mistakes sometimes hu?

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