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    1. I bet you took countless hours to come up with that clever gem, didn’t you? My favorite part – and I will never understand this – is when idiots make unfunny, 3rd grade, schoolyard recess level comments that even a drooling developmental cripple wouldn’t laugh at and then add either a smiley face or a “lol” at the end of it. It’s like giving yourself a thumbs-up selfie because you managed to contort far enough and lick your own butthole. Yeah ok, congratulations I guess. I’ll keep walking. I think I see the reptile exhibit up ahead. that should be more interesting.

    2. Wow Rob, can you sound any slightly more salty? or does it include being a racist lil bltch?

      I bet you got raqed by blacks 😀

  1. Oh Rob, lets all be honest here… Its your plate. Its okay, we know you have built up rage from hiding the fact you gargle down loads all over the place. Glad to see you finally coming out

    1. I wasn’t even going to dignify that poor excuse for the English language with a response, but what they heck. You know, the saddest part is this: each time you make attempts at insult humor all you manage to do is yet again display your lack of intellect, imagination or sense of humor. My comments are at least funny 50% of the time, but you’re just pissed at me for rubbing your nose in it every single time. I won’t even mention your grammar. Why beat a dead horse? But rather than at least try to think of something more, what’s the word I’m thinking of… crafty? Instead yours come off as Down Syndrome flippant. Look it up. See also my comment to captain “zero” fuhks up there. It applies to you to. Keep trying though. It’s fun to embarrass you every time.

  2. Rob, you should just post “blah blah n-word blah blah” anytime you want to comment. Nothing before or after the word really matters and is pointless.

    1. To you. Nothing before or after really matters to you. That is because you lack reading and comprehension skills. But since you asked, allow me to oblige: NlGGER. There. Now go shine my shoes!

  3. Figures this shit happened in California.
    Nothing but a bunch of dykes, faggots, spics, nig.gers and communists living out there.
    I would love to see a magnitude 12 earthquake sever that shithole from the rest of the U.S. and it slide deep into the pacific.

    1. If a magnitude 12 earthquake hit California and all the states residents ended up in the Pacific ocean, Wouldn’t the pollution devastate the ocean’s ecosystem?

    2. At this point, who really gives a fuck?
      This country is doomed either way because of extreme progressive, leftist liberal fucking assholes ruining it for everybody.

    3. You talk about California? You doesn’t even spent a day there.
      Stay where you actually are, redneck. Many Europeans have seen more of your country like you, you stupid fuck.

    4. What the fuck jolietjake?
      It’s you haven’t even spent a day there.
      Aw fuck it. No use trying to teach a dumb ass moolie like you anyway.

  4. Guess What? All of you are fucking idiots, either comment on the pictures or S.T.F.U. We have enough morons in the pics, don’t need morons in the comments.

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