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  1. Ya know, I’m convinced that Jason the EF wizard is a 5’2″ juvenile that weighs 15 kgs after being dipped in a pool with his sweater still on. Yuh, your point?! You’re damn right these are men! Maybe owning a set of brass balls by today’s “sensitive” male is considered bad manners, but real men could give a piss! Instead, I’d like to see ole Jason up there try to defend his viewpoints on the proper ways of being a man by confronting one of those Russian oh-look-at-them-ha-ha dudes face-to-face. I’m sure that debate would be lovely and definitely worth watching.

    1. Yeah, “watching”. That’s all you’ll gonna do that low-life wanker you are.
      Bad Jason, making fun of the mostly toothless, illiterate and alcoholic russians.
      But interesting looking at your admiration of strong males. In a kind just as obvious as “mikey”‘s fixation on anal intercourse…

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