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  1. Right, he’s excessive. But methinks “Jason” the epicfail idiot strikes again. I’m pretty darn sure the guy did not expect that glass to break. He barely smacked it. Ooooooh he;s maaaad! No, he just got overexcited and smacked the glass. Incredibly, it broke. Dickhead? Sure. Epic fail however, it is not.

  2. This is probally Mikey and Rob Nunya’s dad. No wonder they got anger issues and hate everything. Clearly they are so sour they gotta be racist homophobic to fill out their empty lives as skinny bltches 😉

    1. Your commentary exposes your stupidity all on its own. You’re doing my job for me… faggot, nlgger.

  3. I think that guy who smashed the glass is actually the incredible hulk in human form. God save us all if hes a Toronto maple leaf fan “Hulk smash!”

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