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    1. “In Russia?” Let’s see. 110 volt socket. An iron branded “First Class”. A can of cashews with the word “Cashews” written on it in English. This is why so many countries hate westerners. They simply don’t realize that ‘murica is not the end-all be-all of the world and contrary to popular belief, is NOT the best place on earth by a longshot. But one would have to actually learn other languages, cultures, travel and read to know that. Funny enough, Russia in many ways is WAY better than the US. Given the choice it is far more free, less corrupt and offers way more opportunity. I know that sounds shocking, which is exactly where the sadness comes into play. People in the west are so utterly brainwashed and zombie-fied by your news and TV that a fact like that comes as a shock. Hard to believe? Well that’s a testament to how much you actually know, but, it’s true. Dwell on that!

    2. “less corrupt”? Lol!
      A huge country sold to a dozen of oligarchs.
      “WAY more opportunity”?
      Jokes aside, and aside your strange admiration of muscular men, your delusional.
      At least there’s a counter-side in west-media.

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