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  1. My point exactly. The fruits of liberalism. I wouldn’t give any of them a job washing dishes, but here they are folks. One day they will wonder why no one will hire them and go protest and make demands. This degradation and forceful devolution of mankind has been designed purposely to diminish the amount of competition for the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsors, Kennedys, Soroses and etc. The dumber the better, and these libiots still don’t get that they’re just animals in a zoo.

    1. Spot on Rob.

      These wastes of subhuman trash are the reason this planet needs an asteroid to obliterate it. ’cause i don’t want to live on this earth when these fuckers are grown up.

    2. JD: finally a relevant attempt at an argument. Sort of.

      No. I would not rather they wear Nazi (that should be capitalized as should ‘And’; but, I do that too sometimes so no foul, no jab) uniforms. But why the extreme polarization? What, those are the only options?

  2. Just because you haven’t changed since you were a hateful little teenager doesn’t mean that these kids will not either, Rob.

    And stereotypes are for morons (yes, you are a moron). Take that white kid in the polo (bottom-right corner), he is probably a heroin addict.

    You can’t tell, because you don’t know them. Like you, I don’t know what you look like, but from the content you post I can tell you are a moron. You are simple minded and racist.

    And, fyi, I wouldn’t hire you to wash dishes.

    1. Eli, actually I changed a great deal since I was a teenager. I came to realize that brainwashing people to think as mainstream TV tells us to, that everyone is equal, is actually counterintuitive to natural selection. You libiots love nature, but hate its rules. Everyone is not equal and trying to stand out by looking like a court jester is not actually standing out. It’s trying for attention given the lack of intellectual ability to do so with actions instead of posing; hence the term “poser”. Kind of like your comment. I’m certain that was more about yourself than any of the numb-nuts in the photo. Nature knows no equality. Never has. Never will. That’s why a few rule while many serve. That’s just life.

      With that, I already know you more than you could have possibly imagined. Your comment reveals you. You have no job to offer anyone. Stop making a spectacle of yourself. Leaders don’t sound like you. unless your offer is something like fry cook or floor manager of course. Let me know when you can offer a CEO position. I’ll buzz ya then!

      Still, as much as you preach anti-hate it seems you are perfectly content with hating those who disagree with you. Methinks thy web be tangled.

      I’d argue with you on the Polo shirt kid though. No guarantees of course. Sure he may end up a drug addict. You liberals know all about that; but, given a must-bet I’d put all my money on Polo. He obviously goes to a school full of mentally crippled teachers, but at least he’s the only one who actually had the balls to stand out in that photo. Now how’s that grab ya?

      I see why you find solace amongst the less than crowd. It suits your anger toward those who have surpassed you and lends credence to your own version of hate, albeit illogical. At least nlggers, faggots and libs who sacrifice their live’s sweat toward forcing round pegs into square holes give the world enough daily shock value to notice the obvious. That same obvious you call racism and hate.

      How’s that pimp (down there)? Am I “OWNED” now? Phillip? Anything to add besides whatever that was? Come on now. I can take it. I’ll bury all of you. Denigrating is easy. Try arguing a valid point and let’s see who wins. I’m ready, you?

      Fishing… fishing… fishing… it works! Too easy.

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