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  1. Fucking sick, mentally deranged generation. At one point not too long ago if a shit-stirring faggot tried to get uppity, it’d be its last day and thank goodness. Now, all the subhuman bacteria have been given carte blanche to act out. It’s time to bring back public fag-hangings. These slimy creatures deserve nothing less.

    1. You all make this too easy.

      JJ: Um, what? Okay. The power of your thought process is too much to handle. Let me try on your level: I know you are but what am I? There. Now we’re on equal intellectual footing.

      “sad”, is that all you do, just join the larger crowd to feel safe? Can’t stand on your own 2? What am I saying, of course not! I bet you were the kind of guy, err, latent fag in grade school who just stood — again, what am I saying? Let me rephrase. You ARE the latent fag currently IN grade school who stands just behind a small crowd of alpha males and laughs 1 second too late at a joke you barely heard just to feel a sense of belonging. You get beaten up a lot don’t you? I know. Just remember, once you get your GED, come out of the closet in order to find a group of weaklings willing to accept specimens of social failures, and go to community college, all of that will stop and a new era of your life will begin. That would be a life of reality in which you will have the choice of fast food apron and color of paper hat as you climb the ladder of success toward store manager, at which time you will be 40 and able to take out all of your frustrations out on other grade school kids earning their first taste of employment, and who will remind you of those who knocked you around when you were their age. Patience.

  2. Rob,you showed how much of a fucking moron you are. You say this guy is a fag, IE Gay, when in fact if you read the tags one says Dominatrix, which says the Domme is a female, and given the sub is a male well there is no fag in this. Except probably yourself you pathetically ignorant fuck tard… Maybe you should crawl back into your hate filled hole of ignorance and bullshit and just stay there, this world has enough problems without you sucking up valuable oxygen…. Fucking morons like you have no place commenting on shit they have no idea about nor the slightest miniscule abilty to comprehend…….

    1. Oh Lordy! It actually took me like 3 mins to laugh at what you wrote before I could gather a thought in response.

      So then, you’re a “bottom” in the S&M world. Got it! Then, it’s “i.e.,” as in “id est”, which is Latin for “in other words. If grammar is a weak spot at least use Google. Shit, it’s so easy these days. I can handle a misspelling here and there, but IE? Next, read the tags? Do you mean the tags that were put there by the administrator? Yeah, I don’t read those. I assume the administrator is tops 1 or 2 generations passed knuckle-scraper and 8-10 passed you. But I’m no expert on emasculated males and sadomasochism since I decided Nazi Germany was way to fucked up for me to comprehend so I’ll just leave that to experts like you. You’re probably right. He’s not a lowlife faggot. He’s a lowlife sub-male. Please accept my apologies, bitch. Now lick my boots!

      Hate-filled hole… ignorant fuck tard… ignorance and bullshit… world has enough problems. Yes. Yes it does. Eat a valium, light a joint, have a dom stick his (her?) heel in your sphincter and just ease on up cowboy. It’s a troll site. I won’t kill ya……… unless I meet ya! 🙂

      fags suck. Nlggers aren’t human. I will not stop. And now I found someone else to fuck with. Game on.

  3. Damn it, I never proofread! Admittedly: needed an end quote (“), needed a “too”, and “fags” should have been capitalized. Whoops. I’m still better and smarter.

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