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  1. I know one man that would like to some dirty things to, for, and with Sarah Palin. Hope she becomes president and I plan to apply for an internship.

    1. No jolietjake your the idiot. This liberal site doesnt give you all the information. If it did you wouldn’t still be liberal. Liberals need their comedy sites on politics, its the only place they get their information. That and John stewart. Then you make fun on conservatives for watching fox, Pretty sure they have one up on you lol

  2. Retarded. Let’s see Obutthole try to make one of his low IQ speeches without a teleprompter. That’s right, he can’t because he’s a fucking moron. Any time he has to ad lib, he just stutters and stammers and acts like the pathetic 5-year-old child that he is.

  3. They’re all stupid. There are 2 degrees of separation between dems and repubs. It’s like choosing between stinky old socks and muddy shoes. America will never learn that it is NOT a free country but a fiscal socialist state run by liars and cheats who just find new and better ways to steal. And when the coffers run out they start wars and revolutions in other countries to get at their resources and money. The once great, truly conservative america is long dead, its path to the grave having begun under the Clinton admin after every achievement made by predecessors was tossed and every international agreement, broken in cold arrogance. Just waiting for the dollar to become worthless toilet paper. I’d give it another 10 years tops. True conservatives with love for hard work and otherwise intelligent innovators have long since given up their blue passports. Sad.

    1. You know US is doomed when you got cum guzzlers like Rob nunya with such sour taste and narrow minded views.

    2. Truexile, I do need a girlfriend just for fucking, and no, not “sad” (asd). He’s all yours and I respect your relationship too much to get in between. Thanks anyway.

    3. Settle down children. Sad, TruIQexile, being reasonable, all of you went after me from the get-go out of anger over my comments about faggots and other subhumans, but here you are with these repetitive comments that any of your gay friends would find offensive. I feel so ashamed to be arguing with what are clearly very poorly raised little kids. That or truly unimaginably stupid juveniles. But then again, you started it!

    1. Right, because we don’t have the venerated “community organizer” that the libtards worship. Of course, you conveniently forget that the community he “organized” is one of the shittiest in the nation. What’s his claim to fame? Chicago was on the brink of becoming as horrible as Detroit, but he pulled them back to 2nd crappiest place to live?

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