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  1. Public school system strikes again. Maybe more faggot-loving libtard teachers and some more “tolerance” with a heaping helping of sensitivity and teacher trannies will help. Let’s see what happens.

    1. Rob, it’s really amazing you can get the cocks out of your mouth and both hands long enough to post on epicfail. But I guess being ‘that guy’ on yet another website is very important to you, its like you’re famous brah! Please keep posting comments and continue to educate all of us… Ya know, if you can get away from all the cock gargling.

  2. Look at this fucker trying to look all tough for the mug shot.
    Make sure you give that same constipated look when your punk ass gets to the pokie.

  3. Truexile, if I have cocks in my mouth at all times, and then if by posting on epicfail makes me ‘that guy’ for who it is so important, and furthermore, if my comments are not educating anyone and all I do is gargle cocks, then what does tailing me at every turn just to try to get a word in edgewise make you? Following your infallible logic up there word-for-word, that would make you a starstruck, voyeuristic stalker of a B-rated homosexual who emerges only at times of my cock gargling performances to exclaim how little anyone can learn from me. Okay fine. But scarier still is that apparently you have a little sidekick that follows YOU around and yells, “Yeah, take that!” every time you haggle at my performances.

    And here I thought you and the little fella were faggot supporters. See how that works?

    1. Cool story bro. You do know this is the epicfail troll zone don’t you? You really need some vagina in your life. I will pray for you

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