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  1. WTF? Why did you black out the last 4? I’m sure Rob Nunya’s in desperate need of a blow job and would have been happy to call.

  2. lmfao poor guy cant catch a break, the best part is everyone here knows hes an old bag of douche, yet he still trys to defend himself. he is the real life epicfail, and I love the guy.

    1. Dude, cut sad some slack would ya? It’s not easy being The Gimp. It’s not all about waiting for Dumb to unlock the suitcase so Dumber can get out. There’s laundry to do, bathrooms to scrub, lunch to pick up, strapons to dislodge, etc. He’ll come around.

  3. I know the sign says not to feed all of you, but come on now, who could help themselves, huh?

    To Troll: no worries, I have your Twitter and FB. I’ll just IM when I need ya. You can give me the last 4 then. Thanks!

    To Truex-whateverthefuck:
    1. “cant” vs. can’t”.
    2. Comma where a period belongs.
    3. “hes” vs. “he’s”.
    4. “trys” (that’s a new one) vs. “tries”.
    5. Apparently I defend myself somwhow.
    6. Lowercase h.
    7. Another comma instead of a period.
    8. He loves me now.

    All this in a two-line comment. I don’t even need to add anything.

    1. Seeing the W and E are next to each other on the keyboard, we’re all assuming your finger was still coated with jizz from jacking off again and slipped SOMEHOW.

    2. That may have worked in pre-k or if you were a bit faster on the draw there, one-hand McJerk, but you failed. Again.

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