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  1. By the looks of that “unique” vehicle with the custom aftermarket rims and tinted windows, dare I say it… a nlgger running from cops? Neh. Couldn’t be! Yeah it could.

    1. jussayin’; don’t hate Rob for being right.
      You can’t help a dog being a dog just like you can’t help a nig.ger from being a nig.ger.

    1. Stupidity either, you just can’t help stupid people. You sound uneducated and like you work a low-key job that doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking. It’s okay, I’ll be friend still

  2. Yeah, you do, Mikey. Families that hover around the poverty line and the lower middle class annoy me. You all seem to think your opinion is worth something. Going out on a huge limb here, but I bet you graduated from a public school too

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